• How must I modify my driving with a trailer?

    There are a few basic logical tips for safe and comfortable towing:

    The addition of a trailer to your vehicle lengthens the total wheelbase, therefore when turning it is necessary to widen the turning circle to avoid hitting kerbs.

    Leave more room for braking. The addition of a trailer and its load will increase your stopping distance.

    DO NOT exceed the maximum towing weight for the tow vehicle.

    When reversing, steer the opposite way to the direction in which you require the trailer to travel. This technique requires practice to become competent.

  • How do I order a trailer?

    Step 1. Use this web site to determine which range and model of trailer is best suited to your needs. Alternatively, visit or call your local Brian James Trailers dealer for guidance. The main office is also on hand to assist you in deciding on or locating a trailer close by. Give us a call on 01327 308833 and selecting Option 2.

    Step 2. Once you have decided on the trailer and range of options that suit your needs you can place an order with your local dealer. They will check their stock and may be able to provide it very quickly. This web site will help you find your dealer as well as find a specific trailer in stock nationally. You can request a 24hr reservation on any stock trailer advertised on this web site.

    Step 3. Your local dealer will supply you with the trailer plus fitted options along with a full explanation of its operational and safety features.

  • Where can I buy a trailer?

    Brian James Trailers are available from more than 25 dedicated stock holding dealers throughout the country. The easiest way to locate one is to use the dealer finder facility on this web site. If you have any difficulty in this, or wish to consult with the main office, please call 01327 308833 and select Option 2. The sales team will be delighted to assist.

  • Can I obtain an online quotation?

    In the trailer configurator section of this web site each model can be fully specified to your exact requirements. The on-screen quotation can be saved, printed or e-mailed for future reference. Our network of dealers would be delighted to assist in providing any further details or answer any questions you may have.

  • What are the payment methods?

    All valid payment methods are available throughout our national dealer network. Cash transactions are limited to £10,000 without declaration in compliance with UK law. Please consult your dealer for further details for bank transfer payments.

  • How are trailers delivered?

    Trailers are delivered to local stock holding dealers. Customers can collect from their local dealer or arrange for the trailer to be delivered direct to their address if preferred. Delivery charges apply.

  • Can I return a product?

    UK consumer protection laws are honoured at all times. Returning a trailer for exchange with another may incur additional charges either through degradation or upgrade differential pricing.

  • What kind of towing vehicle do I need?

    The first consideration when towing a trailer is to be sure that the tow vehicle has the correct towing capacity. This information is available from the vehicle handbook, or from the technical department of the manufacturer. Ensure that the tow vehicle is well maintained and able to cope with the extra demands of towing a laden trailer. Check the basic safety-related areas such as tyre pressures, which should be at the maximum permitted for the tyre (check on the side wall of the tyre or in the vehicle handbook for further information).